At ISDC, we publish the findings of our research to make them accessible to the academic and policy communities and the general public. Many of our papers are first published as working papers in series such as those of HiCN or IZA before being published by peer-reviewed journals. We also edited several volumes on our core interests in security and development.

ISDC also contributed to the collection of the ‘Life in Kyrgyzstan Study‘ panel data, which can be downloaded for research purposes here.

Publications by the ISDC team can be found at these links: BooksJournal Articles and Working Papers.

Recent publications include:

Bozzoli, C. and C. Quintana-Domeque (2014). “The Weight of the Crisis: Evidence from Newborns in Argentina”. Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 96, no. 3, pp. 550-562.

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Esenaliev, D. and S. Steiner (2014). “Ethnicity and the Distribution of Welfare: Evidence from Southern Kyrgyzstan”. Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming.

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